New Blog – and this one’s for ME!

Finally i have bitten the bullet and will try and grab a few minutes every few days or whenever and drop a note on here about me and my writing in its various forms. Writing time is very very precious – after all that is what i do but lots of people (really!) have been asking for me to do a blog on me (is it THAT interesting). I also maintain the blog newkidsbooksinoz which promotes new Australian children’s books that i get to see.

So here it is.

Right now I am
sorting out the libretto to a children’s musical I wrote last year – Beth (a composer and on the music faculty at a college in the USA) wrote the score … I will post details of the website here soon (once I get that organised too);
finalising a trailer for my new book with Random House,
and cleaning up a manuscript.

More very soon,

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