And DRAGONS are very clever

One of those guests attending last night was the magical ikllustrator Sarah Davis and of course what does one do after a gathering like this that finsihed at 7.30 pm … we have to dine so a return to the house and we three dined and chatted and gossiped and just had fun – and copious cups of tea!!! AND as anyone knows who drops into our house for the first time they HAVE to sign the VB (Visitors’ Book), okay maybe the second and third time too, so just before Sarah was pondering departure she was asked to add her letters to the book. Wonderfully, she didn’t just add her name, she is an amazing illustrator after all, she also added this picture too. We are very blessed to know these wonderful creative people. HOW delightful and special and wonderful …

and of course we also chatted about OUR book too! And more on that really soon!

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