What a super excellent day it was yesterday … not because of the red dust that was covering all of Sydney (see the photos from the newspaper here) but because of the scrumptious time I had at the annual BOOKFEAST gathering. Michale Fraser does a brilliant job organsing this annual gathering (now in its 15th year) and now that he is the librarian at Haberfield Public School … well things just could not be better. And it is a well known fact that only the best kids go to that school – I know! That is the delightfully bubbly school captain Jessica smiling with me! — photo to come — This was taken on my camera. Hopefully I will get some more.
We had a delicious lunch in a the Department of Education building in the city, Duncan Ball and Kerry Millard entertained us wonderfully and the students who I dined with from Haberfield School were super special … but then I might just be a little biased. Thanks for letting me share lunchtime with you and rattle on about MY time at the great school.
Now I must go and see if I can find the old school tie and also some photos.

Oh and guess which pen I was using to sign all those autographs yesterday? Yes you got it … my Haberfield school pen they gave me when I spoke there two years ago! And they still remember my story about the spooky house!!!!
Attending functions like this is just one of the joys of being a kids author … see now you know another reason why I have the best job in the world.

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