Last Book Week gig

And of course I forgot to add that the last book week gig was last Sunday at the Australian Muesum in the city at a function for the NSW Children’s Book Council. It was the culmination of this year’s Book Safari. A bunch of other folks were there too. I didn’t have a zoo keeper’s outfit or safari clothing of any sort (although I did wear my Acubra hat) but I did tell animal stories and tales.

As usual there were questions but the best – and i still don’t know why it popped out of his mouth – was

“What’s it like to be pooped on?” (pooped was his word)

hummmm. “Depends on what animal it is” was my reply.

“What about a …” and then began a list of animals for which the “pooping” was requested with personal responses of varying degrees of detail and experience.

Ah the joys of the inquisitive mind.

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