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Part of this authoring life is keeping the website up-to-date so drop back in to the chrischeng.com website early next week and the updated information with new books, photos, articles and more will soon be there.

But I must add this one right now from my visit to Chatswood school early this term for their Literacy ceremony:
Your presentation was captivating and your enthusiasm contagious. You inspired our students to think, imagine and write. We greatly appreciate the time you have taken to share your love of books with us. Our students with glasses still talk about the magic and fun they have seeing inside other peoples brains!
P.S Your video clip demonstrating how to create your own narrative has inspired many teachers to do the same in their classroom. THANK YOU!

Vivian Thompson, Chatswood Public School.

I have also been testing the new scbwi.org site and that has been great fun.

And lastly – our scbwi newsletter … it is nearly ready to get out there. That has been a little time consuming.

Yes … all part of the business of authoring.

And now it is nearly school holiday time … just minutes to go before the hols begin!

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