Another Box

I completely and totally and utterly forgot about this … Linsay, my publisher at Random House told me yonks ago they were doing a bindup of three recent Australian titles – one of which was my 30 Aussie Animals title.
Look what just arrived minnutes ago (you can’t get much faster than this to the blog) a box of Aussie! Aussie! Aussie!

It’s these little surprises that make being a children’s author even more fun.

And of course you can work out with just a little mathematics that each copy of the book weighs around 1 kg!

Now with my marketting hat on I can see this rolling into the airport bookshops – just perfect for those tourists wanting to take a little piece of Australia back to their homelands … even if this was packaged in Hong Kong, athough more than just the printing of this book has a connection with Hong Kong.

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