Hong Kong Meetings

Well of course there were a few of these.

Not just visits to schools but also meetings with SCBWI Hong Kong. We chatted about making book trailers, and networking and promotion and stacks more. And there was just a little prompting for folks to get their entries in to the writing competitions. Oh yes we ate the most wonderful food too at the Flower Trump Restaurant. This was Shanghainese dining!

I also met with Minna Cheung from the Hong Kong Literary festival. We spent the first 20 minutes in the coffee shop wondering when the other person would arrive. Luckily there is the internet and luckily I went to check for the festival contact details and left that page open on the monitor and luckily Minna went to check the same computer too.

Eventualy we supped coffee for ages and chatted … mostly me telling Minna what I have been up to and what I do. It was a fun and entertaining meeting. And the latest book just happens to be in this picture above … it really did just happen. It wasn’t planned that way! The programme for the Hong Kong Literary Festival looks fantastic so if you get the chance to see it – DO!

Bini and I also had lunch (yes more fine dining) at the Ladies Recreation Club (they fine members if mobile phones ring!) with the wonderful Mio Debnam (SCBWI Hong Kong) and also Alvina Ling (senior editor at Little Brown USA). She has already begun manuscript consultations with the SCBWI folks in hong Kong by the time this photo was taken.

Funny how all those meetings and chattings were done over fine food. what a splendid idea!

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