Hong Kong Schools

I couldn’t miss the opportunity to drop in to a few schools when we were in Hong Kong.

A school very close to my heart is the Cheng Chek Chee Secondary School (CCCSS) in Sai Kung. There can be only one as the school is named after my grandfather. The students weren’t in the school … it was their Sports carnival day and they were so buzzed and excited. I haven’t heard so much noise since, well since I was at school! They design their own class shirts and create their own class cheers as well.

I did though get to have a look around the school at the buildings and some of the activty areas. I would love to go back there and do a few workshops one day with the students but my chinese is just about running at zero!
I did leave a few of my books at the school so now I am in that school library too … the school is even running a quizz to see if the students can find out what my relationship with the school is!

The Japanese International School in Fo Tan was a fun morning. I had younger kids crawling around the floor immitating snakes and older kids asking heaps of questions. And it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, they always want to know how old you are and how much money you make! Thanks to Claire (below) for coordinating the visit!
More soon …..

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