12 Days of Christmas, Day 1 – Chris Eboch

I asked some of my friends who are kids book creators to send me their favourite Christmas memories and of course this is the right time of year for the 12 Days of Christmas.Some memories are recent and others quite distant, especially mine (you will have to wait till later to read that one) so for the next 12 days come these Christmas refections.And for the First day of Christmas I feature a wonderful friend from the USA, Chris Eboch who is the Regional Advisor for New Mexico for the SCBWI. She is the author of the Haunted series of books for ages 8-12. You can even read the first chapter of each book for free on her website.

Chris’ memories are all about Traditions.

I’ve had Christmas all over the world, so my family has made our own Christmas traditions. We lived in Saudi Arabia for six years when I was growing up. The American camp got into the Christmas spirit with lots of outdoor decorations, but Santa visited town on a camel! My parents ordered gifts from catalogs, and had them shipped from the US. One time the order didn’t arrive… until shortly before Christmas the following year.Some years we went back to the United States. Then we had Christmas at my grandfather’s farm in Nebraska, or my other grandparents’ historic old house in Pennsylvania. Those years were much more like the classic white Christmas shown on holiday cards. I can remember walking up to the “five and dime” store on Main Street with Grandpa Eboch, like a scene from an old movie.After two years in Colorado, we moved to Juneau, Alaska, for the six years until I graduated high school, where Christmas break usually involved lots of skiing. A few years later, my parents moved overseas again. We started meeting in different countries for Christmas break. In Bath, England, we rented an apartment and cooked our own Christmas dinner. In Italy, Christmas dinner was Italian food in a restaurant — and very tasty, I might add! We skied in Austria one year, and in Germany we visited the Christmas market and walked through falling snow in the Black Forest. We took a boat tour on the Nile River in Egypt, and visited King Tut’s tomb on Christmas Day. Our “Christmas trees” ranged from a few evergreen boughs to a cone of green wrapping paper to an 18-inch-high quilted tree my mother made.

We got a bit more traditional once they moved back to the United States, though we started a new tradition of having a different type of ethnic food each year for Christmas eve dinner — everything from latkes to tamales. This year, my new husband and I are hosting Christmas for the first time, in New Mexico. We’ve decorated the tree, hung the lights, and planned the menu. My parents and brother will be here soon! It’s time to create some more traditions.

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  1. Wow, Chris and Chris – thanks for sharing such a variety of memories!

    Janet Fox December 29, 2009 at 4:48 am Reply

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