12 Days of Christmas, Day 3, Janet Fox

And now I feature Janet S. Fox another resident of the USA, soon to be in Bozeman, Montana. She’s a mum (she wrote mom but I have corrected her American English!), writer, and former teacher. Her first book for middle graders is Get Organized Without Losing It and her debut novel Faithful, will be out in May 2010.
Okay – I’m making it up as I go:

My dad was a clergyman (Episcopal) so our Christmases were his biggest working days. That meant my sister and I had to wait until late Christmas day to open our presents. When I was young that was tough – but as I got older I loved the anticipation.

Oh, and my favorite presents of all time:

each Christmas for 7 years, starting when I was about 8, my mother bought me another book in the Chronicles of Narnia. Usually, I never got any further with opening things once I opened this gift.

One of my favourite books/series of books of all time happens to be the Narnia books too and having seen what is coming up I can say that books are going to be a frequent Christmas gift!

You can also catch Janet at her blog.

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