12 Days of Christmas, Day 5 – Suzanne Williams

On the 5th day of Christmas comes Suzanne Williams, another friend from the USA. Suzanne is a writer of fiction and non-fiction children’s titles including her new wonderful novel Bull Rider. Suzanne lives in Reno and together with Ellen Hopkins this dynamic duo are the Regional Advisors for the Nevada region of the SCBWI.
Suzanne’s contribution to this 5th day of Christmas is a loving family memory of traditions and snow and the beauty of a child’s simple words.

Generally, my childhood Christmases were fun and they run together. I loved picking out the Christmas tree. We always went to a dozen lots before my father found the tree he liked. He was partial to noble firs and tall ones and all six of us had to agree – it took a while to choose. I loved wrapping the presents in well used, ironed tissue paper and singing Christmas carols while we did it. One year my sister made Christmas pudding with hard sauce. It felt quite Dickensonian.

But the Christmas memory with the most emotional hold on me is from 1980. I was eight plus months pregnant with our second daughter. Our oldest, Michelle, was two and a half. Michelle and my husband went into the Oregon forest to cut our Christmas tree. I remembered our excursion the year before, hiking in the snow and returning to hot chocolate and a warm fire.
But in 1980 I stayed home. I was too pregnant to climb around in the snow and my father had just died. My mother was at my house, grieving and remembering. My siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles in several states were all waiting for our baby – a new life after losing my dad. My mom puttered and cooked for us and my husband and daughter brought in the tree. We decorated it and I wondered if we might have our second child in time for Christmas. We did not. She didn’t come for New Year’s either, although my husband’s business associates encouraged me to ‘pop ‘er out’ in time for an income tax refund. My mum went to our pastor for counselling – she had found my father after his heart attack and kept reliving the moment.
But the part of that Christmas season I remember is when my mum started weeping and our two year old daughter would bring her the tissue box and hand them to her one by one. Michelle said, “Don’t worry, Grandma. Grandpa has gone to heaven to be with Baby Jesus.”
And I believed she was right.

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  1. Oh, what an emotional Christmas, Suzanne! It seems like your daughter was able to comfort your mother in a way that no one else could! I love reading everyone’s Christmas memories!

    Angela January 2, 2010 at 10:52 am Reply

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