12 Days of Christmas, Day 6 – Stephanie Roth Sisson

For the 6th Day of Christmas comes Stephanie Roth Sisson. She is a terrific illustrator so do drop in to her website and see some of her glorious work! Steph lives on the central coast of California. Her upcoming books include Thank You, Miss Doover written by Robin Pulver (Holiday House) as well as the new Princess Poseyseries by Stephanie Greene (G.P. Putnam).Here is Steph’s reflection of a recent Christmas with her best friend.

One of my favorite Christmastime memories happened last year when my husband and I flew out to the east coast. Our trip began in Maine. We stayed overnight and left by car the next day, but not before having a bowl of the best beef stew I have ever had. The moment we started off on the next leg of our journey the predicted snowstorm began. Our destination that day was Deerfield Academy in western Massachusetts. My husband is a Deerfield graduate. So, with full and happy bellies, the radio tuned to a station playing exclusively holiday music and the big snowstorm starting, we headed out.

For the first few hours, we drove at around the speed limit and there was a steady stream of traffic keeping us company on the road. As the hours passed, the snow fell more heavily, our windshield wiper could barely keep up, cars spun off into ditches and we slowed our pace way down. Outside it was beautiful; snow laden pine trees, a white soft landscape and curtains of snow falling from the sky. Few cars were our companions as the day wore on and the indicators that would delineate where the actual road was, disappeared. We drove straight down the middle of the highway singing holiday songs and talking. As we neared Deerfield we passed through little towns all blanketed in snow and lit up with holiday lights.

We arrived at our destination, an inn, smiling and exhausted. Only one other couple (who were guests) was there. No one else had made it to the inn in the storm!! Not too bad for a couple of Californians. We had a fine dinner by a roaring fire in an inn nestled in a winter wonderland in an old historic New England town. Me and my best friend.

To find out more about Stephanie drop by her blog.

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  1. Wow! That’s impressive – love the nice cosy ending!!!

    Angela January 2, 2010 at 10:55 am Reply

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