Christmas Stories with Kindergarten

I love this time of year and it is a real privilege and buzz for me to be able to drop in to my wife’s school and share Christmas picture books with kindergarten. Some of the children have already heard the stories read by their teachers or the wonderful librarian (my wife) but they never complain that they have heard it before when I swing into action. I read the stories. I make the sounds to accompany the text (its surprising the tinkling sounds you can make with your voice to show reindeer in action) … and I get to hear the Christmas secrets.

Tina Burke’s It’s Christmas was published a few years ago but it was a star again this year as the pictures below will show (and in the USA it is on the CBC’s reading list for seasonal holidays).

For me I just love the fun of sharing the stories, hearing the children’s reactions and thoughts and ideas, and I also know that there are a quite a lot of Christmas decorations being made at home, a few cakes being attempted and stockings being sought to place presents in (although there was a complaint that one mum’s stockings wouldn’t be big enough) … and just a few secret presents being made too – that I am not allowed to tell about!

And now I have to wait another year to do it all over again!

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  1. I LOVED the lead-up to Christmas when I was in kindergarten (and year 1… year 2…) – all those Christmassy art, craft, books, and plays. It was the memories of that anticipation and excitement that inspired the book – how fun to see that it has come full circle!
    Thanks for sharing this!!

    tina December 17, 2009 at 9:06 am Reply

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