The Spectacle, Four Winds and Lots of Names

There are quite a few names in this post so pay attention ….

One of the joys with being an RA (Regional Advisor – I am Co-RA ) for the SCBWI (Society of Children’s Books Writers and Illustrators … and you should know that by now) is that I have friends who are writers of awesome Children’s and Young Adult books all around the world. Some I blog and chit chat with and some I WRITE with.

One of my recent writing efforts (that i haven’t mentioned here yet) began a few years ago in Los Angeles at the huge SCBWI conference. It was there that my very good friend, Chris Eboch the wonderful RA for New Mexico told me about her ‘new’ writing project with three of her friends. The end result is that she co-opted me into writing with them and now, we four have created an (as yet) unpublished book we have called the Four Winds.

The question you are sure to ask is How do four people write a book together … especially when one of the writers dwells on the other side of the world. And to explain all that is where blogging friends come in … Joni Sensel (the Co-RA for Western Washington) interviewed Molly – one of the writers of the Four Winds. That interview has just been posted on the Spectacle.

Read the first part of Joni’s interview at

And there will be more on the Four Winds

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