2010 News


This month found me attending the Manila International literacy festival with some absolutely amazing folk including: Vikas Swarup, who wrote the book on which the moved Slumdog Millionaire was based (and we even got to see a screening of the movie with comments from Vikas), Mita Kapur and Jay Vasudevan.


What a SURPRISE (okay I wrote that a few times last year too but it is true) – I have recently returned from the annual SCBWI summer conference in Los Angeles where I presented a workshop in the PRO track series on making Book Trailers. That was well received and popular. But the surprise happened at the annual Golden Kite luncheon where I was presented with the Member of the Year award. This was such a thrill because – especially as Lin and Steve had chatted to me many times before the presentation and not a syllable was mooted. Bini was also at the lunch with me and can attest to my surprise.

More details and photos can be found at my blog www.chrischengauthor.blogspot.com, with specific award information.

Night Noises has now become Sounds Spooky! and I have just seen the ‘rough’ illustrations that Sarah has started creating for our book. They are stunning! Sarah is brilliant and how she can see those images from my manuscript is beyond me. And my very own teddy bear is going to in the book too. We have also grabbed the website (www.sounds-spooky.com) so watch for material popping up there.

The Melting Pot (in the My Australian Story series) has been hard to obtain in bookstores of late but that is about to change. Scholastic has just sent to me a copy of the new cover for the paperback edition due out January 2011. See the cover here. I love the dragon!


A very amazing email arrived from a friend in Canberra (our national capital for non-Australian readers) advising me that a large photograph of our newly appointed Prime Minster’s and her Bookshelf were featured in a few major newspapers. Guess whose books have popped up on her bookshelves? There was even commentary on some of the books, including mine! How very amazing.


Early in the month saw the release of my first App … yes the digital book has happened for me too. QBooks, a digital company in New Zealand approached me last month for a title from which they can create an ebook or App. So now the paperback book first published in 2000 will be digitally available. The first title out now (in English and Spanish with a Chinese version coming soon) is Monkey Business.

Together with Sophie Honeybourne (a teacher at North Sydney Demonstration School – where I was also a teacher) I compiled the teacher’s guide Exploring the 2010 CBCA Short List for e:lit (it was PETA, the Primary English teachers Association). Visit the e:lit website to find out more about elit and you can purchase the 32 page booklet.


Found me presenting five talks in two days at the inaugural Asian Festival of Children’s Content in Singapore (and the end of this year I will be tripping off to the Philippines to speak at the literature conference there too).