12 Days of Christmas, Day 12 – ME

And now the final day, the 12th day of Christmas …. and this is all mine:

A Vivid Christmas-Eve Memory

I rushed to bed. Me? Never. But on this night, a quiet, nothing-to-do-except-wait night a job had to be done. A discovery had to be made.

I lay in bed, still as a stone, not making the bed creak. Tonight was a night for silent waiting, waiting, until the loving family voices ceased their chatter. It was hard this waiting. It was dark. My eyes were heavy with excitement.

I counted to 100. It was time. Climbing off my creaky steel-tubed bed I tip-toed down the hallway. It wasn’t easy, this sneaking down the hallway, dodging the tables and creaky floorboards but I did it and no one heard me!

And then I squatted, waiting for THAT man to come down the chimney right next to me by the fireplace. I counted to 100. Nothing. Maybe a window was open. I checked. All our windows were locked as usual. Maybe a door remained unbolted. I checked them both; front and back. Closed.

If I couldn’t see him arrive, I would catch him emptying the sack. I hid behind the lounge, a perfect hiding spot, right in front of our silver Christmas tree. The biscuits and milk and carrots were on the table just where we left them. I waited. Not a sound. I counted to 100. Nothing.

Was that a noise, a creak on that floorboard? My eyes were wide. I counted to 100. No one entered the room.

My eyelids were heavy. I took a sip of his milk. I counted a little and took another sip and then counted some more … but I never made it to 100.

My head snuggled on the back of the cloth covered lounge.

And that’s all that I remember of that Christmas Eve. On Christmas morning my sisters entered.
“Santa’s been” cried one.
“The milk’s gone” cried another. I jumped up from behind the lounge ready to yell but instead saw the presents wrapped beneath our tree … but the biscuit and the carrots remained untouched.

I never did discover THAT man. But he came every year – and still does!


I hope you have enjoyed the 12 days of Christmas memories … and maybe it has sent off some of your own reflections and memories too!

3 Responses to 12 Days of Christmas, Day 12 – ME

  1. weren’t you cute!?

    SarahD January 6, 2010 at 5:58 pm Reply
  2. Chris,
    Awwww… what a great picture & Christmas memory!

    Angela January 9, 2010 at 7:16 am Reply
  3. Isn’t it funny how the same themes echo in our childhood memories.
    Determination to catch the big man at his job…heavy eyelids that won’t stay open…his mysterious ability to sneak past us…
    However, my brothers distinctly remember sleigh tracks on the dew covered grass and my daughter is sure she saw his long white beard as he bent to deposit his wares in the sack at the end of her bed…: )

    job January 11, 2010 at 11:31 am Reply

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