Pa’s Christmas Star – a musical

There’s a lot to the world of being this children’s author – it’s not all kids books! I have also written the libretto to a children’s Christmas musical – called, as you might have guessed, Pa’s Christmas Star.

This all came about early in 2008 when I received an email that contained the following words and a whole lot more:

I am trying to find a collaborator to work on the book, and you came to mind right away. I’d love to work with you on this project if you’re interested.

Of course I was interested and so began the exchanging of numberous emails and then a frantic few months of transforming my unpublished picture book manuscript into a 45 minute musical – and that included creating the words to ten songs, a whole lot of spoken parts and the stage directions.

And this past week here in Sydney we had the joy of getting together with Beth. We of course did the tourist thing (this is us standing at the Three Sisters in the Blue Mountains), chatted just a smidge about the musical and we ate heaps!

Beth is on the music faculty at Northwest Vista College in Texas, (the daughter of Professor Jill May from Purdue University which is where I used to work) and of course a composer. And Beth’s website is here.

I’ll have more news about the musical very soon and hopefully this coming Christmas there will be on stage somehwere in the world Pa’s Christmas Star.

and this is more of Beth doing the tourist thing …

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