“No new posts” I was asked.
“Are you away?” I was emailed.
No was the answer. It was just that last week was a very busy week … and also I wanted to leave PaperTigers and their new project at the front of the blog for just a tad longer.

Much of last week was spent involved in the BUSINESS of writing and tied up in meetings, with:-
* Linsay, my wonderful publisher, sorting out new writing projects for me to sink my teeth into;
* a colleague from Goulburn with whom I am working on an animation project; Me writing an animation you ponder … well I never throught that I would write a libretto either … but i have!
* my web designer – yes, the website for Pa’ Christmas Star is underway. That will be live later in March and people will be able to download the complete package for the musical and then come Christmas 2010 (oh yes we are already planning for that) we hope that somewhere in the world the musical will be staged.
* finalising a few SCBWI projects (annual reports, inaugural voting awards, organising our 3rd international SCBWI Australia and New Zealand conference) too …
* and finishing off creating the book trailer for the marketing collective of SCBWI folks … just in time for the USA summer holidays! Need a Good Book to Read These Holidays?

Yes … it was a busy business week.

More will be posted on these over the next few days.

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