Kogarah Library – Summer Reading Challenge

The first event for 2010 and what a superb night at Kogarah Library.

It was their Summer Reading Challenge Presentation Night. The theme was Read on the Wild Side – so I guess I was appropriate. I was guest speaker and presenter of award certificates, trophies, books and gift vouchers; the drawer of raffles and the shaker of many hands both big and small. It was a blast – and soooo many phototgraphs were taken. And this one of me signing books is extra special because of the two youngsters in the background! I was supposed to shake hands and present the awards or prizes but I always LOVE to chat to the winners too so I think it took a little longer than expected!!!

The kids out Kogarah Library way sure can read … and not just one or two books over the summer holidays either. Some of the readers tallied over 100 books. I missed some of the other stats of the total number of books read but it was rather impressive.

I do remember one important figure and that was the youngest reader – she was 8 months old, so mum and dad are just stars in my books. I am always totally buzzed when I find out that parents spend time reading to their children – it’s never too early to start! Reading is such a vital part of any child’s development. And for any parents wanting to know great books to read to their children – the local library is the perfect place to drop in and ask questions – the librarians are full of information.

Thanks to Miriam who organised such a terrific night, and for me to come, and to all the staff – Justin, Sharon, Fahime and Mark for making me feel so welcome. And HUGE congrats to the Kogarah Summer Readers!

Keep on loving your reading.

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