One Parade, Two Dragons and Three Possums!

It is a well known fact that I love Dragons and the Chinese New Year Parade so last Sunday it was a rush into the city to absorb the festivities … and as the pictures below show I did get to see the Dragons!!!

I still think that the twilight parade is not the most clever of ideas – especially on a Sunday night. The kids miss out on the buzz and excitment and richness of seeing the parade, of hearing that glorious Chinese music, the beating of the drums — and those glorious dragons!

Of course what I didn’t expect to see were possums (not an animal heavily featured in the Chinese zodiac) scampering around trees as we were walking back through the park. These little blighters were just a few arms length away. As well as watching possums we did watch the tourists who were getting rather close … from personal experience I know that disturbing a possum while it has issues, or things on its mind is not a very good idea! Ah, the days (and nights) spent handraising animals at the Zoo keep flooding back!

So, what does this all have to do with being an author and writing kids books? Heaps. This is what stimulates the mind and gives me ideas and allows me to say “what if…”

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