SCBWI NSW meeting

The first meeting for SCBWI NSW was on at the Hughenden last night. Lots of great news to share, especially with our upcoming 2010 Australia and New Zealand conference, updating profiles, with books being published and contracted, books being promoted in the media, and oh so much more.
Other meetings throughout the year wil be themed but the fist meeting is a great time to share news and set goals.
Add of course there was diner so these are two snaps of the diners just before the feasting began and networking continued.
Faces seen above include: Aleesah Darlison, Nina Rycroft, Wendy Blaxland, Sue Whiting, Mark Thomason, Oliver Phommavanh, Marg Roc, Bini, Susanne and Chris.
Also attending were Deb Abela, Serena Geddes, Jeni Mawter and Janine Dawson (for the first time and who has just introduced herself to me by e) who missed the feasting!
Another delightful gathering!

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