New Picture Book??

A few folks have been asking me what I have been working on – so here is your answer.

Amidst all the happenings and plannings and conference organising I have started working on a new book …
and this is the start – using my trusty note book – black cover, red spine, lightly lined, imported from China, available at all good newsagents!!!

I would be lost without the notebook as it records most of my first thoughts and ideas for the development of any title and if it is going to be a large (as in page numbers) book that I am working on then of course it gets its own notebook! I have a row of notebooks on the desk shelf – all are filled with book ideas, with blank yet-to-be-used notebooks waiting in the filing cabinet!!
The rough for this new untitled picture book is over three double pages.
More to come …Maybe!

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