Patricia and Sid

Two wonderful authors have died very recently — Australia’s Patricia Wrightson and America’s Sid Fleischman both whom I have been privileged to meet.

I loved Patricia’s books. Over the years I have read and reread some of them many times, first at primary school and then much later on … in fact my latest reading of one of her books was last year! My favourite memory of Patricia happened years ago when I fronted up to a bookstore with a bundle of PW books for her to sign which of course she did. One title,was missing – but not for long. Arriving a few days later in the post was the missing title … signed and dated!
Read the Australian newspaper’s obit for Patricia or

I guess that not too many people in Australia know the American author Sid Fleischman but I met him at the SCBWI conferences in Los Angeles. He was fun to talk with and loved that I came “all the way from Australia!” (he mentioned that over a number of years when we were chatting), just to attend the annual Summer Conference in Los Angeles.

I have been flinging through my computer looking for a photo of Sid (with me of course and I know there is one somewhere) but so far have come up with not an image.
Here is the LA Times obit for Sid or

Thanks to both for absolutely wonderful books.

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