And I am not talking about the restaurant in Newtown although that is where a shelf of book folks (authors, illustrators, booksellers and Penguins) gathered last night for the PRE-Launch of Oliver Phommavanh’s new novel published by Penguin Books called … Thai-riffic (photo here with Oliver, his book, and Penguin’s Education GM Kristin Gill). This is a thai-riffic book – and I know that there will be a stampede for it when it hits the shelves in June. It’s filled with humour and will be just the right stuff for 8-12 year olds.
This is another one of the joys of being an author — being able to celebrate books with other authors and illustrators and industry folk.
And below is a very special photo of Oliver, Me and Oliver’s editor Heather Curdie. Heather and I go way way way back. We both worked togehter at Taronga Zoo – where Heather would send me on all these wonderful Public Relations gigs with the animals in the Zoomobile. Who would have thought then that we would BOTH end up in publishing!!! Heather also edited my 30 Amazing Australian Animals (when she was at Random). Always lovely catching up with feather!

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