Australian Books to China

Earlier this year I was thrilled to be asked by the Chinese Museum in Melbourne to gift copies of one of my books to the Shanghai and Nanjing Libraries …

a presentation of books by Australian authors to both venues as a token of friendship and gratitude and to further the appreciation of Australian literature in China. … and continue the cultural exchange between China and Australia.

A catalogue was produced and sent with the books and following are some of the accompanying entries:
The Chinese Museum presents this selection of Australian books to the Shanghai Library to show their appreciation for the Library’s generous support by hosting the Finding Gold Exhibition during May 2010. Authors from around Australia were contacted by the Chinese Museum to participate in this gift to the Shanghai Library – all of whom whole-heartedly wished to participate. In doing so, they are hoping that they can enrich the minds of Chinese children and young adults with these stories from Australia.
We hope that our mutual efforts are the beginnings of a continuing two-way exchange of culture between the people of China and Australia.

Mark Wang
Deputy Chairman
Museum of Chinese Australian History Inc.
May 2010

The Government of Victoria is delighted to support the Melbourne-based Museum of Chinese Australian History’s participation in Shanghai World Expo 2010, and warmly endorses the Finding Gold exhibition hosted by Shanghai Library, forming part of the Victoria Week Cultural Program at World Expo 2010.
The Museum of Chinese Australian History’s participation in Shanghai World Expo 2010 provides a significant opportunity to profile the history of the Victorian goldfields in the nineteenth century. I also warmly congratulate the Museum’s initiative in presenting a gift to Shanghai Library of works by 49 children’s authors, together with this presentation catalogue.

Peter Batchelor MP
Minister for the Arts
Victoria Australia
May 2010

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Many thanks to Gabrielle Wang and her brother Mark for organising this. Now I just want to jump to Shanghai library to see the exhibition!!!

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