Day 1 AFCC

First day is nearly over for the Asian Festival of Children’s Content here in steamy Singapore in the beautiful Arts House.
So what was done today:…
Delightful passionate keynotes,
two talks by me¬†Writing Across Borders taking Asian content to the world (which was supposed to be a co-presentation but my co-presenter was ill so a 15 minute talk ended up being 55 minutes of me … the folks didn’t seem to mind) and then an arvo talk on Writing non-fiction for schools using some aussie examples of course!
And then tonight was dinner with the SCBWI members who are also attending the conference.

In between there was for me :…
an interview with Akshita Nanda from the Straits Times (I hope I didn’t tooooo much);
a chat with Andrea Pasion-Flores (Exec. Dir. of the Philippines National Book Development Board);
a little bit of room finding … a long story but I was sent to another hotel last night (but i came back to an upgrade!);
heaps of meets and greets and lots of business card swapping (hope I brought enough over with me);
and then finishing off with a skype chat to the wonderful Mark McVeigh in the USA — he was just starting the work day as I start to unwind here. He has a new¬†webinar starting soon — Characterization in Middle Grade Fiction (more on that one real soon).

Of course I did miss talking to my B … she was supping with the neighbours.
That’s enough for one day ….
Here come the happy snaps:

the Arts House
they even have street banners
opening address
with Andrea Pasion-Flores from Philippines
Kathleen talking about SCBWI
and off to Dinner.

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  1. Chris – What a day!! Loved the pictures! Hope you get to talk to your B soon!

    Angela May 8, 2010 at 1:20 am Reply

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