Day 2 AFCC

Yes Day 2 of the Asian Festival of Children’s Content is now done and dusted (that means complete) … so today’s highlights for me …

THREE talks by me Building Bridges bringing Asia to Australian Children through books – co-presented with a fellow aussie Sally Heinrich where we jammed two slideshow presentations into one (and even the techno gremlins couldn’t faze us), Weaving Historical stories into fiction and then finally tonight a hugely fun chit-chat Young Readers Online with Dr Warren Buckleitner from the USA – a fantastic guy with sooooo much knowledge.
Now this was one of those ‘far out’ experiences. We had never chatted, nor emailed so this was our first meeting and we both turned up with MacBooks loaded with Keynote presentations that, low-and-behold was this meant to be, had both been prepared with the same design theme — seamlessly did we present. And it was fun. Warren had an iPad so of course he was admired straight from the start. It was great hearing his technology / educational thoughts (and seeing his kids being part of his presentation). He is a gold mine of info and really has great insights into kids being online. he even showed us a clip form yahoo HQ – well the canteen of yahoo! I commented on authors and illustrators creating blogs (just like this – see folks who were at the session, I have blogged about it) and websites and how our readers use these tools to communicate with us … it’s the connectedness of the internet (a word we both featured as well)! … Find Warren at Children’s Technology Review. I would co-present with him anytime … especially if we could do it our way!!!

And I swapped many MORE business cards.

A skype back home, a few emails answered and then tonight was dinner MEETING time for the SCBWI RAs. AFCC is going to be big … the Bologna Book Fair of the east an hopefully SCBWI will be right there too. There is sooooo much publishing going on in this region that we don’t even know about! AFCC is a conference that those of us in the region need to plan to attend – and its a heap cheaper than Bologna!

Please note it is still hot over here but walking in the night time along the river-front was just delightful!
Tomorrow … some shopping – my sessions are finished!

And now the happy snaps …

with Sally Heinrich post session
me in flight
all eyes to me!
presenting with Warren.
attentive listeners
RA folks dinner bound!
and a water fountain shooting past my head!

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