Day 3 AFCC

With NO speaking engagements today it was a great day of networking … beginning with a delightful breakfast with Uma Krishnaswami and Rukshsana Khan. It is just as well that I wasn’t paying attention and jumped off the lift at the wrong floor which allowed me to bump (not literally) into Uma.
And what did we talk about? As authors sometimes do when attending conferences we three chit chatted about books of course and publishing and how we create our stories, which goes from being totally planned and roughed and plotted before the writing actually begins (me — with my historical fiction) to letting story develop as the writing progresses (Rukhsana). It was a real joy and delight meeting these two lovely women … just disappointed that I didn’t have my camera with me at breakfast!

Today has also been more post breakfast networking (quite a few comments about the final session with Warren last night (you two looked as though you were enjoying yourselves was mentioned a few times) as well as a bit of a sight seeing / shopping day. First stop was the Singapore Library … of course I HAD to look at the shelves and see if my books were there. Alas, none on the shelves. But then when I checked the catalogue there were 5 CC books listed – all listed as Item not available for loan yet (which might have something to do with being at the conference.

After that it was a quick walk down to Orchard Road … I HAD to pick up something for B … but what do I get!!!!! Well what I did get was absolutely saturated. The skies were quite acceptable for a walk down Orchard Road without wet weather protection prior to departure, but that did not last. The heavens let forth along the way (se following photo) – they rumbled and poured and flooded the place!! Of course as does the weather here … it stopped and by the time i arrived back at the hotel the wet me was dry!

My final day (there is one more day for parents but I will be wining my way home) ended with cocktails and dinner provided by the festival organisers for the presenters. And as the day begun, it ended feasting with Uma and Rukshana. Just a delight. This time though we didn’t talk about the creating of our stories … it was about agents, and also the business of publishing, in between mouthfuls of the delightful Singapore specialities that were presented for our consumption. 
The final happy snap was taken tonight at the dinner with the festival director Mr. Ramachandran. 
The theme of the conference was Bridging the Gap and after these few days the gap is definitely no longer as wide. There is a lot of action over here, a lot of creativity and much awareness of the need to be actively engaged in the creation of high quality children’s literature – in its many forms. Here’s to many more successful conferences here in Singapore!
Cheers from Singapore.

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  1. Hi Christopher!!!

    I’m home now with email access and finally got a chance to check out your blog!

    Oh meeting you was a highlight for me too!!!

    Started talking about the AFCC but I’m much slower than you! Haven’t got to our meeting yet.

    You take care!!!


    Ismail May 12, 2010 at 12:32 am Reply
  2. Hi Christopher,

    I enquired with the National Library about the reason why your books are not available for loan yet. The reason given is they have bought the books and are awaiting branch library codes and later distribution to all 22 libraries in Singapore.

    We have been working closely with children’s librarions in Singapore since last year and have highlighted the AFCC speakers’ books to them to be made available in all libraires here.

    In fact, a few ot them attended the festival and were impressed with all the speakers and their works. Hopefully, the festival will open their eyes wider to Asian children’s books and make all our lives easier in getting the message across that Asians books are equally as good if not better than Westerners and close the gap of iinequality.

    Singapore Book Council

    SingaporeBookCouncil May 13, 2010 at 3:38 pm Reply
  3. thanks jade,
    It was such a thrill for me to find my books on the catalogue system in singapore … what a joy! So mnay copies of my books throughout singapore … hooray!

    CHRISTOPHER CHENG May 14, 2010 at 11:11 am Reply

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