e:lit board election

Thrilled to say that on Saturday afternoon I was elected to the board of e:lit – and what is e:lit you ask?
Read on (this is from the website)

What’s e:lit all about?
In a word, literacies. e:lit is the face of the Primary English Teaching Association, and reflects everything we stand for: accredited professional development, innovative books, useful hints, proven teaching tips and much more. The “e” in e:lit name stands for expertise in primary literacies, but it’s also a strong hint that you’ll find more and more of our great resources being offered electronically, right here on our site. We’re one of the largest and most successful associations for primary teachers in Australia. Over the last 38 years we’ve produced landmark publications and presented professional learning opportunities promoting literacy and language in Australian schools.

at the AGM

with Stephen Wilson, General Manager
… hope you know what you’re in for!

and the first meeting is this Tuesday … no rest for the wicked.

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