Now I can post this ….

It was supposed to be Busy Tuesday part 2 – the iPad (pre launch!!!).

It’s three blokes and an iPad – (no it is not my iPad)

and now it’s two blokes (number three took the photo) AND my book – Zoo You Later! ON an iPad … well at least one of the stories from Zoo You Later … and come May 28 when the iPad is launched here in Australia the App for the book will also be available. 

The team at Kiwa Media (including Roger and Luke in the first photo above) in New Zealand who make Apps for the iPhone and iPad have created this amazing tool – QBooks – and after talking with the folks at Apple here, they came to me. Happily I passed Zoo You Later into their capable hands.
In two weeks they have taken my original text, with some slight editing, added new graphics and transformed it into an App for the iPad. I was amazed (and yes I was nearly speechless) when I saw the wonder that they have made … and to hear the story being read. Yes that is why I was in the recording studio a few posts ago. It is my voice that the kids will hear – well at least the ENGLISH voice is mine. You also see / hear me reading it in Spanish (but that really was someone else). And wait till you see the avatar they created for me!!!!
How magical!

…. More info very soon on the download and samples and what this can do …. HOORAY!

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