It rears the ugly head sometimes this censorship thing and it has happened to my friend Ellen Hopkins, YA writer of the New York Times best selling books like Crank!

From Ellen’s post on her blog:
Once again, censorship opens its nasty mouth and takes a bite out of me. This time in Humble Texas, a suburb of Houston. Let me say first thing that I did two high school visits there a couple of years ago, and they went very well. The librarians were totally supportive and, in fact, took me to the amazing Houston Rodeo afterward. So when they asked me to take part in the Teen Lit Fest they help organize, I said sure. The event is scheduled for the last weekend in January, 2011. But I won’t be there after all.
Here is the link to Ellen’s post: (or http://ellenhopkins.livejournal.com/11666.html)

In suport of Ellen a stand is being taken by other YA authors who were to appear at the festival and this has been featured in Publishers Weekly

from PW:
Blogs, Twitter, and Facebook have been abuzz in the last 24 hours with news that four YA authors have pulled out of the annual Teen Lit Fest in Humble, Tex., a Houston suburb. The authors withdrew in support of writer Ellen Hopkins,

Yes Ellen’s book are edgy. Yes they are gritty and Yes they are not suitable for every reader, BUT there are many, many readers -especially teens- who have been touched by Ellen’s books and who need to hear this voice. Ellen writes about teenage pregnancy, about addidiction to drugs, about suicide … Does this mean that because one librarian doesn’t deem the work appropriate we can’t write any real or issue-based books! AND this was a Teen Lit Festival in Texas at which Ellen had already appeared before.

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