Day 1 LA SCBWI Conference

Day 1 is done.
Conference is going gang busters and it is so absolutely terrific for me to catch up with some of the other RAs and friends I have made over the years.

three quarters of the four winds
Linda Sue Park & Bruce Hale
Chris Eboch and Pat Eastman … aren’t they enjoying themselves

Here are a few snaps from the pre conference RA meeting:

We do work!!!

and then these from day 1
the Faculty WORD parade (mine was trailers as that links in with my session),
the RA / ARA WORD parade (and mine there was ocker … and only the Australians knew what that meant – and thankfully they responded with cheers and hoots. of course for the rest of the day all the foreigners wanted to know what the word ocker meant!!!),
the wine and cheese reception for PAL authors and illustrators …..

faculty on parade – check out the feet!!!
RAs & ARAs on parade!
RAs getting ready to parade! Cheesy grin!!!
An adoring assembled throng (I took this from on the stage after my word and they are all supposed to be waving to Australia and the world!)
the wine and chess reception
Joni & Sydney at the W&C – awesome books

and the surprise, surprise … Samantha Berger, who collared me as I was walking by. Here she is displaying her fantastic book Martha Doesn’t say Sorry, that is illustrated by my friend Bruce Whatley – who forgot to tell me it was out!!!

So day 1 is done … and now to do 2 … oh and I have my presentation to give too!

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