Day 2 LA SCBWI Conference

Lots of happenings today … and of course tonight!

I spent a little of this morning putting together the final touches for my PROTRACK session on Making Book Trailers … I decided (ages ago) that I would make a quick trailer on the morning so that I could show how easily it could be done. So, after adding the finishing touches to my Keynote presentation I put this little piece together. It’s very unfinished but was good to show what can be done in a short time.

It is still very very rough but now – finally One child will have its own trailer. It was hilarious though when the techo came in and tested the audio connection. when the opening riff played everyone was buzzed. And Lee from team blog blogged (and this) and tweeted the session. Awesome thanks Lee.
And snapped in action …

And then there was the evening action.
Now everyone knows (every SCBWI bod just about that is) that every SCBWI LA conference has a poolside party and it is a mega event. This year’s themes was heart and soul – in RED (in celebration for Lin’s well heart!) and it lived up to expectations. Just look at some of these party photos:

Four of our aussie five delegates- where’s Kim?
here’s kim!
the angels
more party animals
Pam & Judy
Lin a buzz!
as is Steve
Party food!

and the other major action for the day was the Illustrators Portfolio … and it was fantastic to see two Aussies on display – Kim Flemming and Samantha Hughes.

the throng at the portfolio exhibition

and so another day is done at the LA conference. Day 3 is looming close on the horizon and more action.

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