Day 4 LA SCBWI Conference

So if the truth be told, much of this day has been a blur. So much so that it has been sitting in draft mode since I first started gettign this togheter. Yes, I am still recovering from the shock of receiving my Member of the Year award yesterday. It really has been such a wonderful surprise. Bini has already begun letting the folks at home know too. And all through the day I have had people congratulating me and passing on their wishes. Pinch! Pinch!

This is the last day of the conference … and as I have heard so mnay folks say to me, this is such great value for money – four days. I dropped in on a few keynotes, especially Paul Fleischman who also said wonderful words yesterday about his father Sid – a SCBWI stalwart. Sid was thrilled about aussies and the fact that we travel so far to be at the conference! Along with the keynotes there were workshops to see and then finally the BIG gathering for the conference conculsion – the autograph party.

As one who has undertaken crowd control for this many times, I offered to organise the gathering, and mostly it went without a prob – although next year we WILL have all the folks signing in alphabetical order (I am sure I suggested that last year) and we will have more tootsie rolls!!! The autograph party is always a wonderful time – and HUGELY popular and goes on and on and on … especially with illustrators who talk AND sign AND draw in the books. Some create art treasures iniside the book pages! I escorted Loren Long (we were the last to leave) out of the ballroom at a few minutes after 6pm – just in time for us to jump on the bus to the conference WRAP party where there was much feasting and relaxing and a huge SIGH! I was sooo busy with crowd contriol that I forgot to take some snaps … except this one of me with the delightful Samantha Berger who created the wondeful book with Bruce Whatley Martha Doesn’t Share. Time for us to do some plotting and planning Samantha!

with Samantha Berger
RAs and ARAs do unwind (on the bus to the wrap party)
exceptional glasses
And so the 39th SCBWI Summer Conference is done and dusted. It seems like we have only just started the first day and already it is over! Roll on for the big 40th next year – that will be some party!!!!

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