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A few days of schools in Canberra and FINALLY I have dropped in to visit the Lu Rees Archives – THE place to visit to see the growing collection of Australian children’s literature archives. A few weeks ago the delightful Belle Alderman sent me an email to see if I could like to drop in — how could I refuse Belle. So knowing that I was dropping in Belle and Belinda and the folks there developed a file on ME – I am Author Profile 379. They have copied pages from my website, articles that I have written, and that have featured me (they don’t yet have the News item from the Prime Minister’s Book shelf though) and more!!!

my file goes here

It really is an amazing place – it IS a treasure trove (I saw heaps of first editions and so many Ethel Turner books compared to my paltry few) and it will keep growing. Hopefully many more of us will start sending bits and pieces there way! Won’t it be wonderful when this repository has the papers and such of all the Australian great children’s creators – then they will have to construct a building just for the archives.

There are boxes and boxes of papers on the shelves of creators like Wendy Orr, Margaret Wild, and Emily Rodda. The collection also is acquiring the overseas publications of Australian titles. And sitting proudly by the bookshelves and the entrance door is Hazel Edward’s famous hippo.
just a few titles – and Hippo

For me … seeing Steven Woolman’s sleeve of material from our book One child was such a thrill. I have promised Belle and Belinda that I will add a few items from my collection for this too, as well as write an article about the how it came to be of the book! Now they have to process Steven’s bundle as well … see I made them do more work!

Steven’s papers for our book
the entrance
This is such a special place for Australian children’s literature, and everyone (librarians, students, … and more) is welcome and should go and have a stickybeak at all the archives hold! Belle and Belinda give a wonderful guided tour!
Heaps of thanks from #379.
My File

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