Author Resources: School Visit Experts blog

ALEXIS O’NEILL has just launched a new site to help children’s authors & illustrators navigate the fun, but often confusing, world of doing school visits and

public appearances.

School Visit Experts

The blog offers advice to published children’s authors & illustrators on designing quality school visit programs and managing the business side of doing appearances.

Since 2006, Alexis has been writing a column for the SCBWI Bulletin The Truth About School Visits which has struck a chord with published(and soon-to-be-published)members.

The School Visit Experts blog expands on the practical advice from the column. On the blog, experts share and offer visuals, forms and more so that new authors don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

Alexis knows schools inside out! She does a large number of school visit presentations each year, and is a former elementary school

teacher with an M.S. in Instructional Technology and a Ph.D. in Teacher

Education. She also has training in drama and art. And is really good at scoping

out terrific people who can offer guidance on the School Visit Experts blog.

School Visit experts taps into the experiences and knowledge of all kinds of school visit experts from across the country – and even across the world – as we help each other gain skills to create and deliver quality programs for audiences everywhere.

If your planning school visits, or even if you are a school visit pro – check out Alexis’s School Visit Experts blog!!!

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