Roll Call Please

And now … the conference is over.
What a glorious time it was – yes even for the organisers.

Huge thanks to the lovely Lin Oliver who travelled from the other side of the world to spend her time at our conference. She had an inspirational impact on our delegates who were so thrilled to meet her – and who want to see her again, and again and again and…. She talked about the SCBWI tribe, the family of members now totalling over 23,000 worldwide and delighted us with her insights into the creation of the wonderful Hank Zipzer series that she co-wrote with Henry Winkler. It is just fantastic that those books are now here in Australia – and how terrific to have Sarah Foster (MD Walker Books) launch the series at our conference. Her warmth and affection was something often commented on by our members – but we already knew that!
And thanks to Lin for our glorious wind-down dinner …

relax and eat!!!

And thanks too, to the folks who assist us make SCBWI Australia and New Zealand strong all over — Australia and New Zealand. Just look at the crew in this photo taken outside our “headquarters” and super conference venue at the Hughenden Hotel – we even have a SCBWI HQ plaque on the pillar … Peter Taylor (Qld), Dianne Wolfer and Frane Lessac (WA), Frances Plumpton (NZ), Susanne (my Co-Regional Advisor) and Corinne King (Vic)

the team

And now for some Rest and Relaxation … after the post-conference wind-up is done!

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