The Conference has Begun

Yes the first night of the 3rd Australia and New Zealand conference has been completed. So far:
* two book launches
* lots of chatting (aka networking)
* one feast!
It is great to see so many returning conference attendees … as well as new memhers.

And of course we are absolutely stoked (thrilled, delighted etc) to have the Executive Director of the SCBWI Lin Oliver here with us in Sydney – and she now says SCBWI as a word (and not just individual letters). And what a joy for us here in Australia at our conference to be able to launch not only the Totally Twins books of two of our newer members Aleesah and Serena but to also be able to launch the Australian editions of Lin Oliver and Henry Winkler’s Hank Zipzer series of books … Sarah Foster (Walker Books MD) launched the books with such warm and joyful recollections and then Lin delighted us with her words, the history behind the books, the Fonz, and more. The Hank Zipzer books are just wonderful reads that enable kids to believe in themselves.

Here are a few happy snaps … more will go on our SCBWI Australia and New Zealand flickr file in coming days, 

just milling around – waiting to register
Lin Oliver and Serena Geddes registering with Bini
Listening to the Launch of Totally Twins.
Serena Geddes speaking at the launch of her book!

ready to feast!


Sarah Davis showing Lin and Bini the images for our book Sounds Spooky!
Lin cahtting with Angela Driver and Sam Hughes
chatting between courses
Lin speaking about her Hank Zipzer
the books


Yep … the conference has begun. Tune in for more!

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  1. Looks like so much fun – and so many familiar faces. Wish I was there! Hello everyone!

    Sally Murphy September 18, 2010 at 12:04 am Reply

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