Postage Stamps and Book Bundles

One of the joys I had attending the Asian Festival of Children’s Content earlier this year was meeting up with Uma Krishnaswami from New Mexico (USA) who was also presenting at the conference and is on the faculty at Vermont College of Fine Arts for the MFA. I also Skyped with her class while in Seattle in July.
As well as feasting and chatting we decided that we would also swap a bundle of books – just to see what was being published in each other’s camp! So, a few weeks ago I sent her a bundle of delightful Australian books (mainly picture books) and the box has arrived in her office — COVERED in stamps. I passed the dollars over the counter in the post office expecting a machine printed label, little realising that instead it was going to to look like this:
Uma has added a post Picture Books From Australia with MORE photos of the stamp-covered box as well as comments about the books on her blog Writing With A Broken Tusk, and I will shortly do the same with the books that she sent to me too!  Some of the books I included were:
  • Fearless (Thompson & Davis);
  • the Hero of Little Street (Rogers);
  • The Great Bear (Gleeson & Greder) and
  • One child (yes okay it is my book illustrated by Steven Woolman).
Here’s to spreading the word around the world about our wonderful Australian books. More book swapping soon!

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