Farewell to the Trophy

All good things must come to an end … but NOT for a Lady Cutler recipient. In this case the trophy gets passed on … but I will still remain a Cutlerette for once a Cutlerette – always a Cutlerette!
Here is the cabinet where the trophy has resided under lock and key proudly on display for the past 11 and a bit months.
Of course as the the trophy was being packed the photos below just happened to be snapped along the way:
a sad and forlorn lonesome box waiting collection
As of next Tuesday about 7pm I will be a past recipient of the Lady Cutler Award as the mantle (trohy) is passed on to my wonderful friend Sarah Foster – and I am thrilled. She has been such a major part of the Australian book industry for years and years. Three cheers to the next Lady Cutler Awardee!!

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