Manilla International Literary Festival

Absolutely thrilled to be jetting off to Manilla in a few weeks time for the Manilla International Literary Festival — I didn’t realise that this is their first festival so I feel even more privileged to be asked. The e-ticket has arrived so all that now remains is to finish creating my talks (now you know why there has been little blogging of late), packing the bags, and jumping on that plane.
There are wonderful dinners, lots of speaking (some are panels and some are me solo), a few cocktail parties (with non-alcoholic drinks for me too I am sure) and it will be great to catch up after the conference with the Philippines SCBWI gang. Of course I will be shouting out loud about our great Aussie books too.

My Topics:

  • Roots and Imagination: What do we write about?
  • The Children’s Market: What has changed from 20 years and what sells now
  • The Young Adult Novel
  • How to Make Book Trailers

Interestingly, the YA classification in the Philippines is different to our YA (or even USA & England) … so just as well that I checked. My historical fiction titles are probably considered YA there!
And the wonderful Andrea who is doing such a stirling job of organising this conference is also trying to organised a visit into a Chinese school too.
Looking forward so very much to Manilla!

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  1. hmm…do let us know how the festival goes…

    Good Luck !

    Thinking November 7, 2010 at 6:02 am Reply

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