of recitals and books – Manila Day 1

What a wonderful way to start a conference. This morning after the keynote speech we were greeted to  entertainment of a very artistic kind – a glorious tenor singing and poetry recital by Filipino poets.

Festival Opening

And then this conference continued with a variety of panels that included Literary Journalism, Writing the Asian experience and my afternoon session Roots and Imagination – what do we write about; where the ideas come from and about nationhood … a topic that is worthy of further discussion. And like MOST international conferences a popular session seemed to be the same one that crops up in many literary festivals; yes that topic about breaking in to the international market through a literary agent – and the perennial question … how do I find one!

Day one concluded with a visit to the Filipinas Heritage Library where we were treated to more poetry readings (yes even I was cajoled into reading a poem from the latest publication) and melodies plucked on this traditional (although slightly modified – it had electronics for amplification) instrument – the name of which I forget! I was mesmerised.

Evening entertainment 
And a poetry recital

And like any good conference there is food here in abundance, at every break and a few in-between.
It is a wonderful delight to be here in Manila at this fantastically organised conference. I am treated like a star!!!

The International contingent, the Chairman and Andrea.
Hooray for Random for getting my books HERE!

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