of SCBWI and shopping – Manila last day

It was rather luxurious to have a slow day 4 in Manila – my flight did not depart till late at night so I had a day to spend “out of festival”, and with a SCBWI chapter here in Manila it was really important that I tag a meeting and get together with Beulah and Nikki. That is one of the joys of being part of the SCBWI family and it has happened a few times this year, first with the wonderful Western Washington folk (hi Laurie and Joni) and now here in Manila.
Over a nice long brunch we chatted about many things SCBWI and many book and author related matters in general – including our education systems, classification of kids books, our chapter members and how we can work with SCBWI Philippines. It was terrif seeing Nikki, who I have been emailing (with and through Beulah) over a few moons. It is really wonderful how the love of children’s literature can unite so many people in all parts of the world and across so many languages … although there was no language problems here in Manila for everyone (just about) speaks English. Joining us for brunch was SCBWI member Neni Sta. Romana Cruz.

Neta and Nikki

Day 4 also took in a rather rapid and quick-fire shopping trip. It is amazing when one has limited time, that how just about anything you see (sort of) can fit into the “I must buy this for …” category! I am very thankful that Nikki was able to take me to a Filipino crafts store located in a nearby shopping complex (the same one that had been recommended to me by a few other locals). Gifts were purchased, more walking than I have done all the time in Manila (which was very little considering that the conference was in the hotel and any outside feastings we were driven everywhere), and observing folks bustling about the city was enlightening. As this was Sunday there were families everywhere out enjoying the day together with some even stopping for Mass in the malls as well!
Manila and the First Manila International Literary Festival is over.

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