of YA novels and food – Manila Day 2

Second day done and dusted consisting of three sessions; two panels and a workshop on making book trailers and web 2.0 technology.
It was enlightening presenting on the panel about Young Adult books … which is not the young adult classification we would use in Australia. YA for Filipinos are novels for children – and that is why my Historical Fiction titles are classified as Young Adult here. Our moderator Rayvi Sunico, a publisher here, gave a wonderful graphic demonstration using a blue plastic shopping bag, which he said would be the total sum of original “young adult” novels published here – around 10. That to me was astonishing. The remainder are imports. It was also pointed out that Harry Potter and Twilight are likely to be listed here as Adult books! No wonder they are HUNGRY here for juvenile fiction and even more hungry for Filipino novels. In a way it is a bit like we were before our Australian publishing industry really hit its straps. It surely is a sign of literary maturity as a nation when you are hungry for your own books and when can publish your own books telling your own stories – not just adult books but with children’s titles as well. Filipinos are hungry for their own stories – and that is a wonderful thing.

where were these books?

And of course there was FEASTING … it isn’t eating … these evening meals are definitely a feast. Andrea and Ciela have really thought about us and are making sure that we are treated superbly. They really like their eating here n the Philippines. Just look at these delicacies (and the taste was exquisite):

fried prawns, a salad of fern leaves and more…. 
Fried fish in oyster sauce, seafood curry, fall-off-the-bone beef … and more
and yes desert too.

And there are lights everywhere (and not just festive lights either although this area is festooned with the festivity) … more on that later but here is a sample:

woven leaves outside the Ayala Museum.

A very tiring but filling and glorious day.

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