Christmas Traditions

Each year the leadership team of SCBWI Australia and New Zealand send a Christmas piece to our membership. Last year it was Christmas Memories, this year it is on Christmas Traditions. These are my words:


It’s November 25 – Christmas bells, lights and baubles and other Christmas Decorations MUST start rising from the boxes in which they have been buried deep in the attic for the past 10 months. It’s time to start the decorating.

It’s November 26 – I have to check the list, and then I check it twice, not to find who has been naughty and nice but to find out whether I have ALL the ingredients for it is time to start baking the Christmas Cakes, a few small cakes for gifts and one HUGE cake for us to consume at our leisure (and to share with friends who drop by) but it won’t be unwrapped until Christmas Day when the smell will fill our halls.

It’s around this time too that the Christmas Card is printed – ours is designed with a scene from our travels that year … and decorated with Christmas-ness and Christmas wishes.

It’s December 18 – exactly 7 days before the jolly red fat man comes slip-sliding down the chimney (or through our window) so the freshly cut Christmas Tree must be purchased from our regular supplier and adorned with decorations new and old, owned and gifted. Each one tells it’s very own story. And during the year, wherever we travel a new Christmas Decoration must be purchased – “Remember that time…”, or “That’s where we went when…”

And it’s around this time, a Sunday night or two before the day that Christmas Carols are sung or played by me in my Church. It’s a celebration!

It’s December 24 – first there is Church (carolling and Mass) and then there is our Christmas Dinner – just for us, alone. And after dinner a special Christmas Gift is given, something simple, inexpensive and small enough to fit into our velvet covered decorative Christmas Boxes.

And now it’s Christmas Day – a joyful celebration, a festive family meal and then a quiet time to ponder and reflect and share.

These are our beautiful Christmas Traditions.
Merry Christmas all.

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