Naming Rights!

A few weeks ago Haberfield Primary School – MY primary school – had an auction at the Centenary Dinner. One of the items auctioned was the naming rights to a character in one of my future books. So, today I was able to meet Lliam – the winner! Here he is:

His mum paid a squillion (well I think so anyway) to have Lliam’s name appear in a book. We met in my local cafe, drank lattes and hot chocolates, and yes, Lliam had to take time off from school!
I did warn Lliam of two things:
  1. that the character might be a bushranger, a criminal, or any of a host of other possibles that I did rattle off – but Lliam didn’t seem to mind.
  2. it might be a little while before he sees the name Lliam in a book that I write so he needs to be patient, but again … he didn’t seem to mind. As someone one said “all good tings come to those who wait!”
So I wonder who Lliam will be?

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