2011 News


Back home again – but not for long. …..


What a month this was … on the road trip with my wonderful friend Sarah Davis and her two daughters. We are travelling to 12 schools as part of the government funded Country Area Programme. One school and drive will be very, very interesting … and that is the trip to Bourke – my old stomping ground.
Oh and there was a little book launch too – something to do with Sounds Spooky right before we set off for the road trip.

SOUNDS SPOOKY Chris’ latest picture book with illustrations by the wonderful Sarah Davis … it is very different to their other books. There is also a supporting website and blog – see www.sounds-spooky.com


August is traditionally Book Week and this year I ended up with a full week and had a great time visiting schools around Sydney and the t raveling up to Newcastle for two days at the city library – thanks to the wonderful folk up there who arranged my visits and the school. Had a blast.


Its off to LA for the annual SCBWI summer conference this month and this year we had a throng of Aussie and a few new Zealanders in tow. It was also a great celebration of the 40th birthday for the SCBWI – Lin and Steve, how glorious!


Caught me in Singapore for the Asian festival of children’s Literature. SCBWI was a sponsor of the event and I am also now ont eh board for the AFCC. That is a thrill. Hopefully we can expand this further into the region and get more folks going to the festival.


This month has been more Skyping, this time for a new manuscript tentatively called Isabella. Of course this is also the month where the Crystal Kites have been drawing to a close so there has been quite a bit of SCBWI Crystal Kite action. Suffice to say I know the folks who lookalike thy will win – the advantage of being the Chair.

Pythons also is done. Saw the roughs from Mark … fantastic.


A very quick trip to the USA for a SCBWI Regional Advisors retreat was the main happening this month. This was held in Miami and yes there was lots of work. We also got to have a look at the surrounds of the Caribbean and it was delightful to meet up with Rosemarie – the regional advisor there.


Regular Skyping with Mark (my agent) to finalize the I Can’t Sleep manuscript. These times have been invaluable for me to refine the text. That task done now it is soon to be out there.

Worked more on Pythons – well basically refining the manuscript again and then discussing with me editor the images from mark Jackson, my illustrator. Just love his pythons!


This month what did I do – well it was still school holiday time so mostly I was on school holidays … ery ahrd to work when the teacher librarian is also on holidays!