12 Days of Christmas, Day 10 – Corinne Fenton

Welcome to the 10th Day of Christmas and Corinne Fenton. Corinne lives in Victoria (Australia) and is the fantastic Assistant Regional Advisor for the SCBWI there. She also creates wonderful titles that include the lovely picture books The Dog on a Tuckerbox and her latest Flame Stands Waiting. Last year she thrilled the children of Marysville School when she arrived with a load of brand new books for their school library, newly built after the horrendous bushfires.

Corinne started writing poetry when she was still at primary school. Today she is a full time writer, mainly of picture books, and often writes stories about animals. She lives on the edge of the city of Melbourne, Australia and has a big, bushy backyard where wallabies, echidnas and even a wombat wander.

Last year Corinne contributed the following memories to our regional Christmas memories and so I wanted to include this beautiful verse in our 12 Days for this year.


My Christmas Memories

The rush,
the busyness,
the anticipation of what Santa might bring.

Then on Christmas morning parading down
the hill on our new bike or scooter with the white
pumped-up tyres and the handlebar ribbons flying.

There was a whole gang of us then, the boys next door,
the family of girls across the road – we made quite a procession
and impression on our parents who stood waving as we sped by.

Then the Christmas meal with all the care and trimmings,
no matter how hot it was outside
and the heart-warm, contented, tired feeling on Christmas night . . .
just being together.

See Corinne’s website here. 

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