12 Days of Christmas, Day 12 – Marcia Williams

And now, for this the 12th Day of Christmas we welcome my wonderful English friend, the author / illustrator and delightful Marcia Williams. She is heaps of fun to be with and has created a super Christmas story here – perfect for the culmination of this 12 Days of Christmas.

Marcia is the creator of absolutely gorgeous books that include: Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, Archie’s War and My Great Lost Dog Adventure. Most of her books are in comic-strip format and many of them are retellings of famous tales from the past.
So now read on for Marcia’s Christmas memory – THE MERRIEST CHRISTMAS EVER!
Let me tell you about last Christmas. As soon as I came home from my morning walk I knew we were in for an extra special Christmas feast. Mum was already in the kitchen singing Christmas jingles as she basted a ridiculously oversized and overstuffed turkey. With the turkey back in the oven, she started to glaze the ham. My tummy rumbled up a storm at the smell. Well, I hadn’t had any breakfast! I made my usual breakfast noises, but nobody took any notice. Dad was mixing his famous Christmas cocktail, Iggy, who was usually my brother in all things, was unwrapping his stocking for the tenth time and Mum, well, Mum was now sticking cherries into the ham. I tried begging, pleading, sighing, jumping and howling… nothing, not even a biscuit. I had been imaging a special Christmas breakfast, but by this time any breakfast would have done: dry toast, a morsel of left-over supper, a chocolate Father Christmas, maybe even a bauble from the tree. I started to bat them, while I tried to imagine what they might taste like – I could feel Mum losing patience. The question was, would she give in and let me have some breakfast or give up and send me out for another walk! One bat later I was sent for a walk!
Dad was delighted as he had been on sprout duty, so we set off together. We were just passing our neighbours at number 32, when the sweet aroma of a sizzling goose wafted through their open front door. It was too tempting! Before you could say ‘stuffing’ I was through that door, up on their kitchen counter and tearing down the road with the goose! I’m ashamed to say, I was oblivious of Dad and the screaming neighbours; all my thoughts were for that glorious goose. If I live to be a hundred never, never will anything taste quite so good. Only when I had finished every last heavenly morsel did I look up at the thunderous faces surrounding me. It seemed that the season of good will had vanished into my stomach!
It took quite a lot of grovelling on my part and more than a jug of Dad’s famous Christmas cocktail, to recover even the smallest shred of good cheer! And it turned out to be ever so lucky that Mum had cooked such a ridiculously oversized and overstuffed turkey – because we ended up with four extra neighbours for Christmas dinner. You may find this hard to believe, but after the last cracker had been pulled and the last morsel of food fitted into our bulging bellies, everyone said they were really glad I had eaten the goose, because we had shared one of the merriest Christmas’ ever! So as we dogs’ say: high paw, low paw, woof, woof to Christmas!
PS: I will be checking out that front door again this year – I suspect it may be locked!
Do make sure you drop in to Marcia’s Marvellous website here – it’s more than a bit funny too.
And now, that is the end for the latest 12 Days of Christmas. This has been a joy to gather some of my friends from near and far, to have them write or illustrate their Christmas memories. Maybe it has sent off some of your own reflections and memories too!

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