12 Days of Christmas, Day 8 – Ellen Hopkins

And for the 8th Day of Christmas and the second day of 2011, here is the fantastic Ellen Hopkins.

Ellen is the Co-Regional Advisor of the SCBWI for the Nevada Region in the USA (with Susanne Williams who was featured in the first 12 Days). She is also the New York Times #1 Best Selling author of the edgy books that include Crank, Glass and her new book Fallout.

And I have to feature the lovely Ellen today becuase she is here with us!


I was adopted by an older couple, so childhood Christmases for me were a bit austere, I suppose. Not bad, but not spectacular. I do remember waiting forever for Daddy to put the lights on the tree so my brother and I could hang ornaments. I don’t really remember “waiting for Santa,” but loved the whole Christian element of celebrating baby Jesus’ birth. I never asked for a lot of gifts under the tree. Usually, my requests were horse-related: chaps; a show bridle, perhaps; and, always, books.

That said, when I had my own children, I wanted them to believe in as big a Christmas as possible, with both Jesus AND Santa central to the celebration. I’ve always spent days decorating and cooking and making the holiday season an amazing memory for all involved. As my children have grown, I now do the same for a few grandchildren. Gifts are a very small part of the holidays, however. Cooking and hanging out in the kitchen and creating traditions are the bigger part. Every year, for instance, our miniature holiday village grows. As does our exterior light display.

And now I’ve collected an assortment of friends who have no where else to go on the holidays… no one special to celebrate with. They are always welcome in my home, which is ever more beautiful with my relative success. Some even bring their own grown children along.

Christmas, to me, is the spirit of Christ–concern for others. Extended family. Gifts that mean something special to each person who shares our holiday. Music. Communion. Most of all, love.


See Ellen’s website here and also her blog here.

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